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safe, environment-friendly and affordable technology for a better now and here

We strive to provide safe, sustainable and ecological recycling technology to recover the maximum of the of the valuable reusable raw material within various composite waste streams, to the benefit to our stakeholders and environment.

We Maximize the Value of your Waste


SWISSRTEC’s leading and worldwide proven recycling technology enables the maximization of the recovery yield and the quality level of valuable reusable raw materials from different composite waste streams.

Our solutions are tailor-made to meet your safety, operational, financial, and environmental objectives.

Our technology to ignite your sustainable success


We stand for excellence in engineering, projecting and commissioning of safe and sustainable recycling plants aiming to maximize your recovery yield and quality level of the processed output material.

As leading plant manufacturer, we have a strong focus to the safety and sustainable aspects of the technology and equipment implemented.

We provide you state of the art turnkey plants, cutting-edge machines to be integrated in your plant and various other services, making sure a safe operation and minimize environmental impact. We make sure that your business will be successful.

Our plants

swissRTec AG leaders in Delamination Mills

Through our innovative delamination mill development, we not only lead the industry but also enhance performance of the entire plant. Thanks to our distinctive crafted mills, each application achieves maximum efficiency. Join us as we setting benchmarks and unlock new levels of performance.


Delamination mills
Vertical Shredder

Kubota Vertical Shredder – shredding competence

The Kubota Vertical Shredder is a unique machine capable of accepting various forms of waste and scrap. The combination of continuous impacts, shearing, compression and grinding delivers uniformly shredded particles, perfectly prepared for further handling or separation downstream.


Vertical Shredder

KUBOTA – Our partnership your benefit, world leader in Vertical Shredder

SWISSRTEC has a distribution agreement with the Japanese company Kubota Environmental Services, leading manufacture of the Kubota Vertical Shredder, renowned for their high-quality equipment, wide installed base and exceptional competence.

Together we deliver premium solutions to meet and exceed customers expectations. We are combining our excellences to drive safety, sustainability and innovation to the benefit of the environment and customer.


Worldwide installed base, assurance for your profitable results

Our global track record of successful operational plants emphasizes our expertise, innovative mindset and decades of experience. Each plant stands as proof to our commitment to excellence and our competence to consistently deliver sustainable and profitable results.


16 July 2024

Hands-On Training in the SWISSRTEC Recycling Plant at Adrifer Reciclagem Portugal!

Amazing hands-on training week at the recycling plant of Adrifer Reciclagem de Metais, Lda. In Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal.
13 June 2024

EBM Expo 2024, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Meet us in Germany on the EBM Expo 2024, Hannover from 26-27 June 2024!
8 May 2024

swissRTec presents its NEW Fine Delamination Mill at IFAT2024

A mill like a Swiss watch, precise, reliable, and high quality.

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