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About us – the best has to come

Founded 2006, we are an entrepreneurial minded, privately owned company that prioritizes health & safety of all stakeholders above all else. Led by actively involved owners, we are customer minded and solution oriented. We are known for the high levels of competence and quality, benchmark setting mindset and commitment in all that we do. 


  1. 2006

    Spin-off (MBO)

    Development of the Delamination Mill CCM

  2. 2008

    Installation of India’s first automated e-waste recycling plant

    Kubota and SWISSRTEC AG close and agreement for the distributorship for the Kubota Vertical Shredder

    Move to Kreuzlingen, offices & workshop

  3. 2012

    Installation of the first SRT 1 Kubota Shredding Plant plant


  4. 2013

    Installation of the first SRT 1 & 2 e-waste recycling plant

  5. 2014

    Installation of the first mill for LIBs recycling

  6. 2015

    20th installation

  7. 2017

    Installation of the first 25t/h e-waste shredding plant

  8. 2019

    30th installation

  9. 2020

    Installation of the first SRT LIBS plant (production waste)

  10. 2022

    Installation of Europe's largest Vertical shredder

    Development and presentation of Battery Master Mill

  11. 2023

    First two installations with Battery Master Mill

  12. 2024

    Presentation of new Delamination Mill Fine


We are committed providing worldwide safe, sustainable and innovative recycling solutions for E-Waste, cables, metal scrap, ASR, batteries and other various composite materials streams, considering to improve the environment aspects and achieve high recovery yield and high-quality degree of the processed output material.

As we continue to expand our global footmark and tackle new challenges, our track record of success serves as a guiding light inspiring us to push boundaries, thrive for innovation and drive positive changes in your industry.

Always keeping in mind, the ecological aspects and the affordability of the solution.

Our extensive track record of successful operational plants worldwide underlines our extensive expertise, solution-oriented mindset, developing benchmark setting technologies and decades of accumulated experience.
Each plant stands as prove to our commitment to excellence and our competence to deliver sustainable and profitable results consistently.



SWISSRTEC technologies contributes significantly to a better environment and supports the energy transition and electromobility switch.
Trough our innovative recycling technology we strive to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact. By recovering valuable raw material from various composite waste streams, our plants helps reducing the energy consumption, conserve natural resources and reduction of the CO2 emissions.

Additionally, our technology enhance the circular economy and increases the recovery of critical and strategic raw materials, contributing significantly to increase the share of self-sufficiency strategy of critical raw material of many countries and achieving the climate and digital goals as well.


SWISSRTEC is member of the following associations, our commitment to safety, innovation and setting benchmark corporate culture.


Member of IND EX – Industrial Explosion
Membership - BIR (Bureau of international recycling)
Member of swissmem


13 June 2024

EBM Expo 2024, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Meet us in Germany on the EBM Expo 2024, Hannover from 26-27 June 2024!
8 May 2024

swissRTec presents its NEW Fine Delamination Mill at IFAT2024

A mill like a Swiss watch, precise, reliable, and high quality.
8 March 2024

KUBOTA 15 Years of Cooperation: A heartfelt “Arigato” for Your Trust in swissRTec

Nachhaltige Lösungen von swissrtec