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The SWISSRTEC AG team consists of competent, experienced and motivated employees who are characterised, among other things, by their high flexibility in availability and deployment.

Join our team as an international installation Supervisor.

We are looking for a skilled Supervisor, who oversee the installation and commission of recycling plants.


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Our employees are our most valuable assets

Our employees are our most valuable assets and the cornerstone of our organization, embodying our values, driving our success and our sustainable growth. Our workforces consist of skilled, empowered, experienced and motivated employees, who embody diversity and inclusion.

Together we continuously research sustainable improvements in our methods, services, technologies, way of thinking and conduct. Our priority is delivering premium quality in all we do, while minimizing environmental impact. We support their studies and empower them to expand their knowledge, developing new skills and expand their vision. Since, when our employees thrive so does our organization