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SRT 1 SWISSRTEC shredder plants, excellence in shredding built on decades of experience.

SRT 1 is the first choice for the primary shredding and separation of E-waste, ASR, mixed metals and many more waste materials. swissRTec is able to tailor the system based on your specific requirements of throughput, input material and downstream processing. The unique advantage of the Kubota Vertical Shredder is its ability to liberate and downsize even bulky material in a single step with its powerful breakers and grinders. Easy to adjust and consistent particle size produce a high quality separation of ferrous, non-ferrous, plastic and PCBs from the input material.

SWISSRTEC plants incorporate magnets, eddy current separators, screens, sensor sorters and other techniques to ensure a turnkey system on the cutting edge.

For even higher yields and additional profits, the non-ferrous metal concentrate can be further processed and purified with the SRT 2 - Delamination and Separation Plant.

Technical Data

Process type Dry-mechanical
Throughput (t/h) 2 – 40
Power (kW) 150 – 2,000
Plant space requirement (m2) 150 – 1,000
Height (m) 6.0 – 12.0

All data to be understood as indication only

Vertical Shredder Infeed System Dust Cyclone Ferrous Magnet Filter Ferrous Cleaning Screening Dust Eddy Current Separator Optional PCB Sorting Optional Fines Sorting Sensor Sorting Plastics Non Ferrous Metal Concentrate Metal Concentrate

Output Material

Looking for higher recovery yield and output quality
of the non-ferrous metal concentrate.