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SRT 2 SWISSRTEC – we maximize the value of your waste!

SRT 2 represents the next level in profitable metal recovery from composite input materials. E-Waste, ASR, Cable etc. is material with a composite raw material value locked within. Typical feedstock for the system is material which has been pre-processed by the SWISSRTEC SRT 1 Shredding and Separation Plant.
The heart of the system is the SWISSRTEC Delamination Mill. Using the latest impact milling technology, material is exposed to thousands of collisions that cause the composite particles to break up and disintegrate into individual components.

A size reduction and an excellent ball shaping of metals facilitates and enhances the subsequent steps of separation. Lower density material is separated from higher density material resulting in highly purified and valuable outputs such as copper and aluminium.
swissRTec AG has been successfully engineering, manufacturing and installing such plants for the past two decades. Satisfied customers worldwide speak for the quality, reliability and profitability of SWISSRTEC systems.


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment :: Auto Shredder Residue Cable :: Printed Circuit Boards :: Aluminium Composites

Technical Data

Process type Dry-mechanical
Throughput (t/h) 1 – 10
Power (kW) 300 – 1,600
Plant space requirement (m2) 200 – 1,000
Height (m) 6.0 – 12.0

All data to be understood as indication only

Delamintion Mill Electrostatic Sorting Heavy from Light Metal Sorting Infeed System Magnet Ferrous Dust Heavy Parts Separator Filter Cyclone Filter Dust Screening Tower Air Table 3 Air Table 1 Air Table 2 Air Table 4 Air Table 5 Foreign Material Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Light Light Light Light Light Light Metal

Output Material