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Kubota Vertical Shredder, your shredder excellence

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment :: Car Body Shredding Auto Shredder Residue :: Mixed Metal scrap :: Industrial Waste Construction and Demolition :: Metal Turnings and more


Product Advantages

  • Low wear costs
  • Excellent tool life and little downtime
  • Adjustable output grain size
  • Disintegration of composites and ball shaping of metals
  • Best ratio for size reduction in one step
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Automatic foreign object ejection unit (option)
  • Over 450 installations

Consistent size reduction

The Kubota Vertical Shredder represents a distinctive machine with the ability to handle diverse forms of waste and scrap effectively. Through a mixture of continuous impacts, shearing, compression, and grinding, it produces uniformly shredded particles, ready for subsequent downstream handling or separation.

Primary and secondary shredding in one step

First step is the downsizing operation by massive, high speed rotating breakers, while rotating grinders carry out the secondary grinding step.

Adjustable size reduction

The Kubota Vertical Shredder achieves uniform particle size through easily adjustable choking rings which determine the final particle size of the shredded material.


Technical Data